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Winning Numbers

05 13 19 24 28 37 Bonus 20
Early Bird 06 14 21 34

The next Jackpot is 17-Oct-2015


Advance Play Roll Down

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We're getting ready to offer an improved LOTTARIO game on November 8, 2015. To ensure a clear separation between the current game and the improved version, we're limiting the Advance Play options available between now and November 8, 2015. Please see the draw dates below and the maximum number of Advance Play draws available for purchase following the draw break on those dates.

Draw Date Maximum Advance Play draws available after the draw break on this day
August 29, 2015 (Sat) 10
September 5, 2015 (Sat) 9
September 12, 2015 (Sat) 8
September 19, 2015 (Sat) 7
September 26, 2015 (Sat) 6
October 3, 2015 (Sat) 5
October 10, 2015 (Sat) 4
October 17, 2015 (Sat) 3
October 24, 2015 (Sat) 2
October 31, 2015 (Sat) 1
November 7, 2015 (Sat) 26
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  • Two plays for $1.
  • Guaranteed minimum $250,000 Jackpot.
  • Play up to 10 draws in advance.
  • Draws every Saturday.
  • LOTTARIO tickets are sold until 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on draw night.
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How to Play

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  1. On a LOTTARIO Selection Slip, mark six numbers from 1 to 45 on up to 10 boards. Or ask for a Quick Pick and the lottery terminal will randomly select your numbers.
  2. You will receive a ticket with your numbers plus a free random set of numbers for each board you play.
  3. Match the numbers drawn to win. Six regular numbers and one Bonus number are drawn. Tickets purchased before 12 midnight (Eastern Time) Friday are also eligible for a separate EARLY BIRD draw on draw night. Match all four EARLY BIRD numbers and win a share of the $50,000 EARLY BIRD prize.
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The "total prize pool" for any LOTTARIO draw is 50% of LOTTARIO draw sales less the total amount of all the $5 prizes and less $50,000 (the amount of the EARLY BIRD prize pool).The total prize pool is then allocated among the 4/6, 5/6, 5/6 + Bonus and 6/6 prize categories as indicated in the chart below. If there is more than one winner in the 6/6, 5/6 + Bonus, 5/6 or 4/6 prize categories, the prize in that category will be shared among the winners in that category. Any amount not won in the 6/6, 5/6 + Bonus, 5/6 or 4/6 prize categories is added to the 6/6 Jackpot prize pool for the next draw.

1 of Winning Per $1 Play (approximate)
2 of the total prize pool
3 share equally
Matches Win Odds1
6/6 44%2 1 in 4,072,530
5/6 + Bonus 5.4%2 1 in 678,755
5/6 19%2 1 in 17,861
4/6 31.6%2 1 in 366.4
3/6 $5 1 in 22.28
EARLY BIRD $50,0003 1 in 4,966.5
Any prize 1 in 20.89

Jackpot (6/6 number matches) funds accumulate if not won and may grow beyond the $250,000 guaranteed minimum.

A winning set of numbers entitles a winner to a prize in only one of the above regular draw prize categories. Eligible tickets can also win an EARLY BIRD prize.

The prize pool for LOTTARIO is based on a pari-mutuel share. A pari-mutuel share is a calculation where the total monies allocated to a prize category are divided by the total number of winners in that category. Sometimes, customers select certain number combinations more often than other number combinations, and this may result in a reduced prize share. Some of the more popular combinations are based on sequence of numbers, vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines on selection slips, multiples of numbers, variations of historic dates or birth dates, etc. These combinations vary from draw to draw and change depending on customer play patterns.

LOTTARIO prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw date.

Unclaimed prizes from Ontario-only Lotto, Sports and Instant Games are directed to profits paid to the provincial government to benefit the people of Ontario.

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