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Lotto 6/49
649: Try The How To Play Demo

The next Jackpot is 03-Dec-2016

Plus 1x Guaranteed $1 Million Prize

Winning Numbers30-Nov-2016

Main Jackpot Draw

15 16 20 24 26 31 Bonus 37

Guaranteed Prize Draw



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  • A $1 million GUARANTEED PRIZE with every draw.
  • Jackpot starts at $5 million and grows until won!
  • Play up to 26 weeks in a row with Advance Play - with 2 draws per week, that's up to 52 draws in advance!
  • Each play costs $3.
  • Draws held every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • LOTTO 6/49 tickets are sold until 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).
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How to Play

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  1. On a LOTTO 6/49-ONTARIO 49 Selection Slip, mark LOTTO 6/49 in the game box.
  2. Choose six numbers from 1 to 49 on up to 10 boards (each board costs $3). Or ask for a Quick Pick and the lottery terminal will randomly select your numbers. ENCORE is available to add to this game (each board costs an additional $1).
  3. Each $3 play also includes a 10-digit set of numbers for the Guaranteed $1 million Prize.
  4. Six numbers plus one bonus number from 1 to 49 are drawn for the Main Draw - match the numbers drawn to win.
  5. A 10-digit number is drawn for the GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW - you must exactly match the 10-digit GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW number to win.
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Main Jackpot Draw

Main Jackpot Draw
*Per $3 play
MatchWinOdds of Winning*
6/679.5% of the Pools Fund1 in 13,983,816
5/6 + Bonus6.0% of the Pools Fund1 in 2,330,636
5/65.0% of the Pools Fund1 in 55,492
4/69.5% of the Pools Fund1 in 1,033
3/6$10 Prize1 in 56.7
2/6 + Bonus$5 Prize1 in 81.2
2/6Free Play1 in 8.3
Any prize1 in 6.6

A winning set of numbers for the LOTTO 6/49 Main Draw entitles a winner to a prize in only one of the above prize categories.

Guaranteed Prize Draw

Guaranteed Prize Draw
MatchWinOdds of Winning

Total prize payout of Lotto 6/49 sales is 47%.

40% of LOTTO 6/49 sales is dedicated to the Main Prize Fund. The total amount of $5, $10 and free play prizes is paid from the Main Prize Fund and the balance of the fund (the Pools Fund) is then allocated between 4/6, 5/6, 5/6+ Bonus and 6/6 prize categories as indicated in the table below. Any amount not won in the 4/6, 5/6, 5/6+ Bonus or 6/6/ categories is added to the 6/6 Jackpot prize for the next draw.

7% of LOTTO 6/49 sales is dedicated to the GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW Fund to fund the payment of (i) the "GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW"; (ii) any guarantee of the amount of the 6/6 Pool of the Main Draw; (iii) Additional special draw prizes.

The prize pool for LOTTO 6/49 is based on a parimutuel share. A parimutuel share is a calculation where the total monies allocated to a prize category are divided by the total number of winners in that category. Sometimes, customers select certain number combinations more often than other number combinations, and this may result in a greater number of winning tickets and a lower prize share. Some of the more popular combinations are based on sequence of numbers, vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines on selection slips, multiples of numbers, variations of historic dates or birth dates, etc. These combinations vary from draw to draw and change depending on customer play patterns.

LOTTO 6/49 Main Draw prizes and GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw date.

Unclaimed prizes from national games (i.e. LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX) are returned to players through future bonus games or promotions. These funds are held separately from Ontario-only games and are administered by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation.

LOTTO 6/49 winning tickets purchased in Ontario can be redeemed only in Ontario.

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Guaranteed Prize Draw

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  • For each $3 play, you'll get one GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW selection.
  • The GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW selection will be an 8-digit number, followed by a 2-digit trailer (12345678-12). The 8-digit number will be unique for each ticket and the trailer will always start at 01 for each ticket and will increase for each additional selection on the ticket. For example, a ticket with 3 plays will have 3 GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW numbers with the same first 8 digits and the last 2 digits ranging from 01 to 03.
    • Example: 13524678-01 13524678-02 13524678-03
  • You must exactly match the ten-digit GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW number to win.
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